The Calappilia Association

The Calappilia Association was founded in Ovada in May, 2003 by a group of young enthusiasts with both humanistic and naturalistic university backgrounds. The team was interested in organizing and promoting activities, studies, conferences and guided tours to spread the knowledge of the Ovada area, enhancing the cultural, social and tourist life.

Moreover, the choice of the name was not casual. The Calappilia Mainii is an oligocenic fossil crab discovered by Giulio Maini, now included in the specimen’s scientific nomenclature.

The main activity consisted in managing the Giulio Maini Paleontological Museum which was supposed to open on May 31 that year, in the recently restored former Church of S. Antonio. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After making a few changes on the articles of the Association and the application to the Province, it was finally registered on the regional book for associations of social promotion.

Over the past months the Association demonstrated a substantial commitment to safety in the work place: the writing of the risk assessment form and training of active members in ER and fire fighting are examples of this commitment.

The members of the Directional Council will soon take classes to get the Rssp (Responsible for prevention and protection services) and the Rsl titles (Responsible for workers’ safety).

Active members are as follows:

- Alberto Motta, Master’s, Educational Sciences, PresidentDirectional Council

- Barbara Garrone, Master’s, Biology Vice President  and TreasurerDirectional Council:

- Barbara Garrone, Master’s, Biology TreasurerDirectional Council

- Mara Gaviglio, Master’s, Languages, SecretaryDirectional Council

- Chiara Carrea, Master’s, Biology

- Isabella Calza, Diploma in Art

- Ivan Ghio, candidate in World Languages and Literatures

- Sonia Ghio, candidate in Physiotherapy

- Eleonora Meliadò, Master’s, Natural Sciences

- Marco Gaglione, Master’s in History

- Paolo Pastorino, Master’s, Geology

All members of our team are pleased to welcome visitors to the Museum and explain our collection of fossils, minerals and sea shells through detailed workshops.

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