The city of Ovada

The city of Ovada, in collaboration with the Piedmont Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage and the Region, founded the first Museum in Piedmont entirely dedicated to Paleontology. Since the beginning, the aim was to focus on both the general issues and aspects of the geological evolution of southern Piedmont (Terciary Basin of Liguria and Piedmont).

Calappilia Mainii

The Paleontological Museum is housed in the Church of S. Antonio, built as a hospice in the 14th Century outside town. The Church underwent some architectural changes in the 18th Century, and its use as a church was abolished in 1840. After that, it became a lazzeretto during a cholera epidemic, after which it was converted to a jail.

 The Museum is dedicated to Giulio Maini, a passionate naturalist from Ovada, in memory of his activity as a collector and conservator of minerals and fossils from the territory. A tribute was also given to the Briata-Maini family which worked on both promotional and the educational initiatives around the study of paleontology over the past twenty years.

The Museum exposition meets both scientific and educational needs. It has become an important landmark/reference for students, researchers, paleontology enthusiasts and those who want to know about the fascinating ancient history of the territory, permanently written on the soil and rocks, through real examples. dscn7026 The tour starts with studies on the fossils, then runs through the different geological ages which are concisely explained, highlighting the evolution of many different living organisms and their natural paleo-environment. The museum’s curator is Piero Damarco, paleontologist.

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