Over the past few years, a number of publications have been realized for the promotion of the Museum and its activities.

Free color brochures in Italian, English and French are available, as well as a more detailed Italian brochure which illustrates the paleontological collection.

Download free museum brochure

In June, 2008 the Calappilia Association with the support of the city administration, celebrated the first five years of activity with a series of events. The presentation of both the educational programs for schools and the museum’s visitor statistics is available:

Download the presentation: “2003-2008. Una città, un museo: bilanci e prospettive – Cinque anni di attività nel Museo”

In 2009, Museum Conservator Dr. Piero Damarco published the guide to the paleontological collection:

Museo Paleontologico “Giulio Maini”. Paleontologia e Geologia di Piero Damarco. Ovada: Città di Ovada 2009.

You can purchase the guide for 10,00 €. For further information click here.

Download free extract from the guide Museo Paleontologico “Giulio Maini”. Paleontologia e Geologia


Users they could try here whose data has been collected also have the right to contact data collectors, and view the data that has been collected about them..

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