12 May 2018

In accordance with the municipal administration of Ovada, the  Calappilia association proposes Spring time at the museum. 15 years of museum. Some events to remember and rediscover our museo, activities dedicated to the fascinating world of natural sciences that include popular conferences, workshops for children, and temporary exhibitions. The second appointment is scheduled for Saturday 12 May at 4.30 pm with Mineralogy: passion & wonder conference – workshop for children (6 – 11 years old) by Massimo Umberto Tomalino, a mineralogy researcher.

During the conference the mineralogy will be told through the passion of scientists and the wonder of their discoveries. Like all the expressions of Nature, the study of minerals also reserves interesting surprises for the existence and progress of humanity; minerals will be explored with the intent to discover their wonder and the passion for mineralogy.

We will experiment the color and shape of the crystals, the hardness of the diamond and the density of gold, the magnetism of the magnetite, the radioactivity of the Rare Earths, the fluorescence of the aragonite, the double refraction of the Spato of Iceland; we will see the largest Platinum nugget in the world and the smallest collection of minerals in the world. We will discover many other curiosities and wonders of the mineral world.

Participation is free without reservation.

We hope many of you will come!

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