18 May 2018

In agreement with the municipal administration of Ovada, the association Calappilia, proposes again Museando in spring. 15 years of museum. Events to remember and rediscover our museum a series of activities dedicated to the fascinating world of natural sciences that include popular conferences, workshops for children, and temporary exhibitions. The third event is scheduled for Friday, May 18 at 21.00 with the conference “RHODOLITI DELL’ALTO MIOCENE IN THE SUB BACINO DELL’ALTO MONFERRATO”, by geologists Paolo Pastorino and Massimiliano Testa


  During the Tortonian period (about 7 to 11 million years ago), the coastal sedimentary environments of the Piedmont Tertiary Basin were probably the site of a carbon sedimentation characterized by the presence of algal nodules (Rhodolites) and corals. The paleoecological and paleoambietal analysis of a modest outcrop identified to Silvano d’Orba, relatively rich in these fossil remains, allowed us to hypothesize the presence of a sedimentation environment characterized by shallow waters, high hydrodynamism and warm temperate.

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